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Application of Privacy Policy

Protection of your privacy is very important to WWW.BANKRUPTCYSTALBERT.COM, its owners and its affiliates. Our Privacy Policy explains how BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT collects, discloses, and uses personal information concerning its clients and other individuals (“you”), other than our employers and agents.

Any personal information you provide to us will be treated with care and, subject to this Privacy Policy and applicable law, will not be used or disclosed in a way to which you have not consented. Our Trustees, employees and agents are subject to professional and ethical obligations relating to the confidentiality of information BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT receives in the context of providing our services.

By submitting your personal information to BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT, you signify your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of such personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you do not consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy, please do not provide personal information to BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT. Certain services can, of course, only be offered to you if you provide personal information to BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT and therefore, BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT will not be able to offer or provide you those services if you choose not to provide us with required personal information.


What is Personal Information?

The term “personal information” refers to any information about an identifiable individual or any information that allows an individual to be identified. In general, personal information does not include business contact information, such as your name, title or position, business address, nor your business email, telephone or fax number in your capacity as an employee of an organization. During your relationship with BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT, you may be asked to provide certain personal information concerning you and/or other individuals (such as family members, employees, officers, directors, shareholders, business partners, customers, creditors, suppliers, etc.) Examples of such information include an individual’s name, date of birth, home address, financial and credit information, billing and account information and other information relating to the provision of services by BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT.


Purposes for Collection of Personal Information

BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT collects, uses and discloses personal information for the purposes identified at the time of collection, or as otherwise permitted or required by applicable law, including for the following purposes:

to comply with any and all obligations imposes upon BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT pursuant to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada;
to comply with our professional responsibilities and obligations, including the rules regarding client identification and verification;
administrative, management and business purposes, such as to issue invoices, administer accounts, collect and process payments, fulfill contractual obligations, and audit our business obligations;
to establish and manage estate relationships, including considering whether to establish such a relationship;
to maintain proper information management systems and databases;
for any other purpose for which BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT has your consent.


What we Collect, Use and Disclose

BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT strives to limit the extent of the personal information we collect to what is necessary and appropriate for the identified purposes. We will not use or disclose your personal information for purposes other than for which it was collected, except with your consent or as may be permitted or required by law.

Although BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT maintains server logs and Web logs which automatically collect and log all incoming traffic to our Website, including your Internet Protocol (IP) address, BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT makes no attempt to link these addresses with the identity of individuals visiting our site.

Any personal information you do provide to BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT is protected under the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) and/or other provincial Personal Information Protection Act(s). This means that, at the point of collection, you will be informed that your personal information is being collected, the reason or purpose for which it is being collected, and that you have a right of access to the information.

Website Visitor information is not disclosed to anyone except our Trustee, employees or agents who need the information, e.g. to respond to a request from you.


Consent to Collect, Use and Disclose

To the extent possible, BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT will obtain consent to collect, use and disclose personal information about an individual directly from the individual. However, if you provide personal information concerning another individual to BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT, you represent that, prior to submitting such information, you have obtained the necessary consent or authority to permit us to collect, use and disclose such personal information for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy, or the collection, use and disclosure is permitted by law.

BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT will not collect, use or disclose personal information without the consent of the individual(s) concerned unless we are permitted to or required to do so by law. We generally do not obtain the consent of the individual(s) concerned in the following circumstances:

if a client provides personal information to us about a third person for purposes of our obligation(s) pursuant to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada;

when information is being collected for the prevention or detection of fraud or for law enforcement, where seeking the consent of the individual may defeat the purpose of collecting the information; and
if legal, medical or security reasons make it impossible or impractical for us to seek consent.
Withdrawal of Consent to Use and Disclosure
In some jurisdictions or provinces, you may withdraw your consent to the use and disclosure of your personal information, or limit certain uses and disclosures. To do that, please contact our Privacy Officer, utilizing the contact information identified in subsequent sections of this policy.


Disclosure of Your Personal Information

Our Trustees, employees and agents are subject to and maintain professional and ethical standards, and, as such, BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT will not disclose personal information unless our client has provided consent or we are permitted or required to do so by law.

Subject always to our professional obligations, and only for the purposes of providing bankruptcy and financial services, BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT may disclose personal information to third parties (including adverse parties and their counsel, experts, witnesses, service providers) in the context of bankruptcy proceedings and business transactions.

BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT may also disclose your personal information to your authorized agent or representative, and BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT may also disclose personal information as otherwise required or permitted by applicable law.

BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT may disclose your personal information to a government or regulatory entity that has asserted its lawful authority to obtain such information, or where BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT has reasonable grounds to believe the information could be useful in the investigation of unlawful activity, or to comply with a subpoena or warrant or an order made by a court, person or body with jurisdiction to compel the production of information, or to protect BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT’s rights and property. If BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT is involved in a merger or other reorganization, BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT may disclose your personal information to the resulting entity.

BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT does not sell or exchange for consideration, any personal information it holds.


Securing and Storing Personal Information

BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT may store and process your personal information atBANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT’s offices in Canada, or elsewhere. To help protect the confidentiality of your personal information, BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT employs security safeguards that are customary in the financial industry, and appropriate to the sensitivity of the information, including physical, organizational and technological measures. Examples of such measures include restricted access to file storage, limiting access to information on a “need-to-know” basis, using passwords and well-defined internal policies and practices.

To the extent BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT employs third-party service providers to store, handle or process information on our behalf (e.g. data processing or office services), we will use contractual and other means to provide a comparable level of protection while the information is being stored, handled or processed by them.


How to Access Personal Information

You may request access to your personal information and/or information about BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT’s collection, use and disclosure of information by contacting our Privacy Officer in writing, at the addresses identified below.

Privacy Officer:
c/o Bankruptcy St. Albert
9415 98 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6C 4P6
Attention: Privacy Officer



Subject to certain exceptions prescribed by law, you will be given reasonable access to your personal information and will be entitled to challenge the accuracy and completeness of that information and, to the extent that you have proven such inaccuracy or incompleteness, have it amended as appropriate. Examples of such exceptions include information that is prohibitively costly to provide, information that contains references to other individuals, information that cannot be disclosed for legal, security or commercial proprietary reasons, and information that is precluded from disclosure by law.



If you have not received a satisfactory response to your privacy concerns after contacting our Privacy Officer, you may direct your question or complaint to any of the following:

Industry Associations
Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals:

Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada:

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada:


Accuracy of Personal Information

You can help BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT maintain the accuracy of your information by notifying BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT of any changes to your personal information.


Website Links

BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT contains links to other websites. BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies or practices of those other websites. We encourage you to examine each site’s privacy policy and make your own decisions regarding submission of your personal information and the policies and practices followed by each entity.

If you have any inquiry or complaint that relates to BANKRUPTCY ST. ALBERT’s policies or procedures relating to the handling of personal information, we invite you to contact our Privacy Officer.


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